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Growing up, some of my fondest memories include summers in Italy, especially our leisurely Sunday dinners at Nonna’s house. After enjoying a 5-course meal, I was responsible for preparing 20 shots of espresso to finish off our lovely evening.

I have always wanted to bring the same experience and memories of how I grew up enjoying an espresso in Italy to America. I now have the pleasure of offering this through Invita. Instead of 20 people, it’s now 200 people a day—with my amazing team! Invita represents an invitation to experience an extension of the beautiful Italian family I grew up in. My goal is to invite customers to sit back and enjoy their premium cup of Italian coffee while experiencing a sense of community, family, and Italian hospitality. Invita reflects the hospitality and values my grandmothers, aunts, and mother instilled in me!

I quickly learned that being a barista is much more than making coffee—it’s making lasting relationships. We love each guest that walks through our door because of the support and uniqueness they bring to our cafe and community. We don’t underestimate the honor it is to have been chosen by our guests to share a lunch break, afternoon, or Saturday morning with us!

If we haven’t met you yet, ti invitiamo per un caffé! We can’t wait to share a cup of coffee together. If you’ve been with us before, then…arrivederci…until next time!

Un bacio- Sara De Luca

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